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Danielle Rae

Benefits of Yoga and Mindfulness:



Builds Physical strength

Increases flexibilities, endurance and stamina

Increase lung capacity and capability

Increases low muscle tone

Improves posture and alignment

Improves balance, body awareness, focus and coordination

Balances the right and left sides of the body and the brain

Helps with digestion and a healthy immune system

Helps with restful sleep patterns

Regulates weight and balance metabolism



Encourages us to stay in the present moment

Builds positive thinking and a positive outlook

Expands the imagination

Promotes mindfulness and compassion

Calms and balances

Balances mood swings

Helps with stress and anxiety

Strengthens problem solving skills

Balances the brain

Supports a healthy memory

Helps with self regulating



Encourages self care and appreciation

Increase confidence and self-esteem

Builds team work skills and support of others

 Builds self regulating skills

Encourages compassion of others, ourselves, animals and the planet

Creates a positive outlook

Support self expression

Promotes self control

Promotes forgiveness and letting go


Benefits of Yoga in the schools:

The teachers are doing it to!

Encourages respect for all beings

Supports anti bulling

Teaches tools and strategies to quickly and effectively deal with anger

Encourages and supports techniques to relieve stress and anxiety

Focuses and redirect

Promotes healthy coping skills

Supports a healthy lifestyle

Encourages positive self talk

Improves communication and harmony within the classroom

Improves listening and focus

Promotes social and emotion skills



Benefits of Yoga for Adults and Children with Special Needs:

The ability to self regulate (calm, sooth)

Decreases pain, anxiety, anger, aggression self stimulating activities

Increases strength and flexibility

Strengthens imitation skills

Builds confidence and independence

Increase overall peace

Increases focus and presences

Increases body awareness

Builds balance and coordination

Promotes better posture

Promotes mindfulness

Provides tools and techniques to help with everyday living

Yoga becomes a life skill




Yoga incorporated into one's daily experiences improves concentration and focus, enhances creativity, improves confidence, promotes health and wellness, relieves anxiety and improves academic preformance. Children of all abilities including ADD, ADHD and Autism will benefit by becoming more mentally present for listening and learning and their self-awareness and self-esteem will strengthen. Yoga's benefits will include developing physical and mental strength, help to self regulate, balance mind and body, enhancing the brain, building a positive attitude, calming the mind and increasing self esteem and confidence.

Classes consist of breathing techniques, mindfulness,visualizations, yoga postures, partner poses, affirmations, sing bowls, coaching to enable to student to access yoga tools when needs, games to support the student and relaxation. Class structure and duration will vary depending on the age group.



Class Discription:

Classes will always be modified to work with the individual or group. We specialize in special needs and will work with the caretare or teacher to best serve your individual(s). Class consist of breathing techniques, mindfulness, visualizations, affirmations, singing bowls, coaching to enable the student to access yoga tools when needed, relaxation and yoga poses. 


"Yesterday is history, tomorrow a mystery, today is a gift which is why we call it the present"

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