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Workshops and Events

Healing with the Angels

Every 1st Sunday 11:30 am 6/3

Every 3rd Friday  7:30pm 5/18

$20 Exchange


Danielle Rae will guide you through an angelic healing meditation followed by Reiki energy healing. Come heal with the angels and leave feeling refreshed, balance and realigned. Exchange $20.

Walk in's welcome.




Reiki Cerifications:

Level One: SUMMER 11:30-5


Registration and deposit REQUIRED Exchange: $150

Reiki level one will enable you to activate the natural healing ability we all have access to. We cover energy healing, energy clearing and scanning, cord cutting, hand placements for healing and the level one attunement. This training will enable you to do self healing which leads to transformation and growth. You will be enouraged to practice on family and friends as well.

Please bring a light vegetarian lunch or snacks and wear comfortable clothing.

Required book: Reiki Essentials by Diane Stiene (The book is brown)


Level Two: June 10th 11:30-5pm           


Registration required. Must be level one graduate.  Exchange $250

Reiki two is recommended to establish a healthy and educated practice. In level two you receive the information your mind and body are now ready for since your first atunement. You will receive further knowledge, Reiki symbols and the level two attunement.


Level Three and Reiki Master Teacher:TBD

Registration Required. Must be Level one & two. Exchange $444 

Reiki level three certification means that you have had all the Reiki training available to you. You have essentially mastered and learned the skills. Some students complete this level to gain knowledge and only intend to work on themselves and loved ones! For others who wish to do this work and teach, you will now have that ability! This is a two day workshop.


ALL Reiki levels fill quickly and require registration. You may pay in full or reserve your spot with a deposit and pay the balance at class. Feel free to contact Danielle with questions yogawithdaniellerae@gmail.com



Reiki Recap:  TBD 

Reiki recap is a review of level two. Graduates gather to practice, come together, ask questions and learn new things Danielle may be teaching. Class runs 1.5-2 hours All graduates are recommended to attend.

Registration required.

Exchange $30

Training Level

Coming Again


Cord Cutting Ceremony and Energy Shielding ClasS 

Exchange: $40 for first time guest and $20 if you have previously attended

It is always a good time to cut cords and clear your energy field! Now is the perfect time to cut cords and learn to shield your energy field. If you are an empathic person you may easily pick up the energy  and emtions of others. This class teaches you to protect your energy field. You will also be taught to cut energetic  cords if you are stuck in a rut, uninspired, deeply connected to an old relationship or situation, not attracting what you want in your life. Danielle will also guide you through a mediation and excercise designed to clear your vibration and cut emotional cords to the thought patterns, situations, a person or reoccurring event in your life that no longer serves you. This Archangel Michael inspired cord cutting mediation is also designed to clear resistance to you standing in your highest good. 


Cord Cutting & Energy Shielding



Yoga and Mindfulness Wokshop for Parents and Teachers of Spcial Needs and Typical Children 


Does your child attend yoga in school or private class? Would you like  to bring the skills they are learning successfully into your home or classroom? This workshop will help you understand when  and how to use easy effective techniques to help the child self regulate, calm the nervous system,  focus, balance and soothe. The workshop will include easy yoga poses, mindfulness and breathing techniques and is appropriate for  parents and teachers/assistants of both special needs and typical children.  If your child already attends Danielle’s classes this knowledge will be a great addition to what you are already doing for your child.

Please contact Danielle by email @ yogawithdaniellerae@gmail.com or text to 516-526-2334



Explore the Chakras


5 week workshop 


Exchange $250 $50 deposit to register balance due at first class. If you need to make 2 payments that can be arranged


This course gives  general understanding of  the Chakra (energy) system. You will learn why both the physical and emotional bodies are effected by Chakra imbalances, ways to recognize imbalances in your chakras and tools to enable you to keep the Chakra system flowing and healthy.  You will be guided through a Reiki infused Chakra specific meditation for each chakra. You will receive a manual. 




At Danielle Rae's $35 exchange

Deepen your connection to yourself and your higher power by strengthening and understanding your intuition. We have all experienced moments we knew were going to happen or felt guided a certain way. This course is designed to enhance your meditation practice, expand your intuition and teach you how to use it to better your life. You will learn about your Claire’s and strengthen your inner awareness.

Get Intuitive

An Introduction to Angels



We all have guardian angels and our angels work with each of us to bring about the will of the creator, which is for you to live your best life, a happy one filled with light and love. When we allow ourselves to receive angel messages, our entire life is guided and becomes more harmonious, peaceful, in tune and abundant. We will discuss archangels, spirit guides, guardian angels and ascendant masters. We will learn how to communicate with them, recognize their signs and ask for guidance. You will be guided through an angel meditation. Danielle will choose a personal card for each student. You will  also learn about and how to work with Archangel Michael and how to clear low energies and shield yourself.

This class has changed slightly.  2 hours overview as discussed above. Danielle Rae is now seperately teaching a study on Archangels where a different angel will be discussed each class and will be followed by a channelled healing meditation with that angel.




Change your Thoughts they are creating your life

Words have great power...Use them to inspire, support, and heal!

Thinking and speaking positive thoughts and using affirmations can have great impact on your life.  You are presently creating your life with the thoughts you think and words you speak! Your reoccuring thoughts when negative create stress and stress leads to disease in the body. The choice of our words and thoughts influences our lives physically, mentally spiritually and emotionally. During this workshop you uderstand what you are creating in your life and learn to tools to shift your thoughts and shift you life!

You won’t believe what your words are attracting into your space. There will also be guided meditation and visualization exercises.

Danielle Rae's                                                   

TBD Exchange $40 First time guest $20 for return guests.                                    Registration is required.

Power of Affirmations and Positive Thinking


This 2 hour and 15 minute class is led by Danielle Rae, a certified adult and children's yoga teacher.  Reiki Master and Angel Intuitive will cover a variety of things depending on the class and will be offered monthly. Class inculdes yoga class which includes partner poses and some fun followed by different activites which may include mindfulness, singing bowl breathing/meditation, cystrals and chakra discussion, mandala making, positive thinking adtivites like vision boards etc. Healthy light snack will be included. Please bring a water bottle!

Registration is required, space is limited.


Danielle Rae's


Ages 9-12



"Yesterday is history, tomorrow a mystery, today is a gift which is why we call it the present"

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