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At Danielle Rae's 

59 Landing Ave Suite 2, Smithttown, NY 11787



Special 90 Minute Group Session
at the Smithtown Studio
Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Healing Meditation,
Aromatherapy, Reiki, 7 Chakra Crystals & Sage Bath
Sunday July 12th
Text Danielle Rae to schdule your session
There will be 2-3 sessions depending on response.  
Max 6 people in class to keep social distance
Investment $50
Please pay after you schedule with Danielle
via PayPal or Venmo use Danielle Bonfanti 
Please pay using the link provided on the online classes page
Healing with the Angels

Friday July 17th

Online until social distancing is lifted class is on Zoom

Hosted by Danielle Rae, Reiki Master Teacher

Every 1st Sunday at 11:30am

Every 3rd Friday at 7:30pm

You will be guided through a angelic healing medtiation, everyone will receive Reiki.




Chakra Meditation 

Will return after social distancing is lifted

You will be guided through a Charka Balancing and Aligning meditation and everyone will receive Reiki.


Full Moon Meditation 


 Class is held on or about the day of the full moon. The energies and benefits of the full moon can be found within the days before and after the full moon as well. You will be guided through an energetic clearing full moon meditation that is alway Reiki infused.




One Hour Meditation Classes are $20


All of our teachers are Registered Yoga Instructions, Meditation Guides and Reiki Masters


No registration required.  Walk-in's welcome. 


If you prefer to prepay you may do so below:




Outdoor Reiki Infused Meditation


Hosted by Danielle Rae at Smithtown Park.  Exact location and directions will be sent to you after registering for the event below.

Exchange is $20




Hosted by Danielle Rae Reiki Master/Teacher since 2010


Reiki Level One/Self Healing

Late Fall 11:30-5pm

Class investment $150

$50 deposit required to register


Reiki level one will enable you to activate the natural healing ability we all have access to. We cover energy healing, energy clearing and scanning, cord cutting, hand placements for healing and the level one attunement. This training will enable you to do self healing which leads to transformation and growth. For more information on Reiki please see the Reiki page.

Please bring a light vegetarian lunch or snacks and wear comfortable clothing.

Required book: Essential Reiki by Diane Stiene (The book is brown).  Please click here to purchase the book.  


Reiki Level Two

August 16 th 11:30-5pm

At the Studio

Class investment $250

$50 deposit and Level One graduate to register

Space is limited to 6 for social distance 


Reiki two is recommended to establish a healthy and educated practice. In level two you receive the information your mind and body are now ready for since your first attunement. You will receive further knowledge, Reiki symbols and the level two attunement. You will now feel more confortable and equipped to work on friends and family. 


Reiki Level Three: The Reiki Master Class

October TBD 11:30-5pm 2 Day class

Registration Required. Must be Level one & two. Exchange $444 


Reiki level three and the master class is taught together in a two day class.You have essentially mastered and learned the skills. Some students complete this level to gain knowledge and only intend to work on themselves and loved ones! For others who wish to do this work and teach, you will now have that ability! 


 Reiki levels fill quickly and close at 8 people, so please register to reserve your spot.

Contact Danielle with questions yogawithdaniellerae@gmail.com

Training Level

DaY Of Alignment/ A Mini Retreat

New Date is Being Planned


Investment $222


Join Reiki Master Danielle Rae for a day of exploration, healing and self-care.


The day will include:

Guided meditations

Energy scanning to identify Chakras in need of healing

Journaling Exercises (journals included) 

Brief discussion of Chakras & Crystals to support self-care

Easy yoga breathing techniques & gentle movements to move the energy blocks

Crystal Chakra Healing & Reiki & Aromatherapy


Everyone will receive 7 Crystals for Chakras 


Danielle will choose a specific crystal and affirmation for you

to support your healing for you to take home as well.


Light Vegetarian Lunch with Herbal Teas


Maximum of 8 students * Registration Required







Get Intuitive


TBD 1:30-3:30

Hosted by Danielle Rae 

Investment $50 First Time Guests $25 for Return Guest 

Registration Required

Deepen your connection to yourself and your higher power by strengthening and understanding your intuition. We have all experienced moments we knew were going to happen or felt guided a certain way. This course is designed to enhance your meditation practice, expand your intuition and teach you how to use it to better your life. You will learn about your Claire’s and strengthen your inner awareness. Classes includes guided Reiki infused meditation. 




 Vision Board Workshop 

Hosted by Danielle Rae

Coming again soon 

$60 Investment Registeration Required


Anytime we are creative we awaken the Second Chakra and stimulate creativity and joy, which can clear stuck energy and blocks and help you to move forward in all areas of life. Being creative through vision boarding will help you to manifest, set intentions, raise your vibration and create the life you want! In this 2 hour workshop you will be guided through intentions setting, meditations, a clearing exercise and be shown how to create your own vision boards. 

You will be provided with all of the supplies you will need including magazines. However I would recommend you bring a magazine with things that inspire you, things you may want or want to do, quotes, ect. 




Energetic Shielding & Clearing 

Hosted by Danielle Rae 

Coming Again Soon

2 Hour Class is offered every other month Next offering in Febuary

$50 the first time you attend class

$25 if you would like to sit in again anytime


Everything is and has energy! This class provides you with the basic knowledge to begin to understand energy, energetic alignment and to identify what you are still energetically connected to that is holding you back. You will learn how to easily protect your energy field and how to clear energetic cords to attachments, limiting beliefs, fears and emotional pains that no longer serve you. If you are an empath (energys-sensitive) knowing how to protect you energy and clear your vibration with cord cutting is life changing. In addition to learning to shield and cut cords we will discuss easy methods such as crystals, essential oils, working with the Angels.You will be guided through a Reiki infused guided Archangel Michael meditaiton designed to clear your vibration and release emotional cords that no longer servers you. This Archangel Michael meditation will help clear resistance to your highest calling and your ability to connect with your higher self and high power. You will leave feeling refreshed, balance, realigned and empowered with new tools to help you live your best life!


Monthly Class



Energy is Everything:

Power of Positivity, A High Vibration & Visualization

Hosted by Danielle Rae

2 Hour Class is offered every other month

$50 the first time you attend class

Return students $25


Our energy or vibration reflects our life! What we are experiencing emotionally and physically in our daily experience is a direct reflection of our vibration. When we feel good mentally and physically, we are in a good place; our vibration is generally high, our thoughts are good and we are continuing to support the success of which we are experiencing. When our vibration is low we feel stuck, sick, tired, not aligned and likely we are attracting the same experiences that we don't want over and over again. 

Learn how to keep and align with a high vibration, understand how visualization works and how the thoughts we think and speak are creating our lives. You wil learn to recognize how your belief system may be limiting or blocking whatever you are working towards. Learn tools including affirmations, visualization techniques and ways to shift your energy and vibration. 

You will be guided through a Reiki infused meditation and visualization exercise.





An Introduction to Working with the Angels

Hosted by Danielle Rae

2 Hour Class is offered every other month

$50 the first time you attend class

$25 Return Students


We all have guardian angels and our angels work with each of us to bring about the will of the creator, which is for you to live your best life. A life filled with happiness, love and light. When we allow ourselves to receive angel messages and listen to our intuition our entire life is guided and becomes more harmonious, peaceful and abundant. We will discuss Archangels, Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels and Ascendant Masters. You will be guided through an angelic meditation.

"Yesterday is history, tomorrow a mystery, today is a gift which is why we call it the present"

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