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Online CLasses

Classes Via Zoom EST

If your a unavaliable to make the live class replay is available for 7 days. 




All classes are one hour $20 investment

Unless noted ALL classes hosted by

Danielle Rae Reiki Master, ERYT, Mediation Guide & Angel Intuitive 



Healing with the Angels

Next Class Thurs 11/5 10 am

Class Investment $20

Healing with the Angels is Danielle Rae's signature class. Danielle connects with the angelic releam to chanelle the class that will best serve the present group. Danielle holds a brief discussion before meditation to create a space to learn, grow and heal. Everyone receives Reiki. Often Danielle will choose a few cards for our greatest good or relays angelic messages. Classes are available to stream for 7 days.  

Upcoming REIKI Events 

Hosted by Danielle Rae Reiki Master/Teacher since 2010



Reiki Master Class RECAP

For Reiki Masters Only

Class Investment $55

November 3th 7pm

This class will recap the intire Reiki Training. It will include how to do full Reiki Sessions during this time and how to pass the atunement. Class will be about 90-120 minutes and is available for replay if you cannot attend class. Payment can be made in the Rieki tab below to use Paypal or if you perfer Venmo you can used Danielle Bonfanit.



Reiki Level One/Self Healing 

TDB via Zoom 10am-2pm

Class investment $175

$50 deposit required to register 


Reiki level one will enable you to activate the natural healing ability we all have access to. We cover energy healing, energy clearing and scanning, cord cutting, hand placements for healing and the level one attunement. This training will enable you to do self healing which leads to transformation and growth. This class is idea for those on a self healing journey and those interested in energy work. For more information on Reiki please see the Reiki page.

Please bring a light vegetarian lunch or snacks and wear comfortable clothing.

Required book: Essential Reiki by Diane Stiene (The book is brown). 


Reiki Level Two

Winter 2021

Class investment $250

Must be a level one graduate


Reiki Level Three/The Master Class

Two day for level one and two graduates

Class Investment $444

This class will complete your training as a Reiki practioner and will give you all the knowledge to sucessfully do self healing and work on others including animals.  This training is idea for thoses seeking to help and service others through evergy work. Once you have completed this you will be ready to see clients and share your knowledge.  





Reiki Training Options




Explore the Chakras 


8 Class Serie

Coming this Fall Via Zoom

Available on replay

Includes 50 page manual & 8 Chakra Meditations to download



This course gives general understanding of the Chakra (energy) system. You will learn why both the physical and emotional bodies are affected by Chakra imbalances, ways to recognize imbalances in your Chakras and tools to enable you to keep the Chakra system flowing and healthy. Understanding your energetic body is an important tool.  This enables you to look at situations and what is happening in a different light. You are able to see yourself growing and healing. This supports your journey in a possitive way. If you are a light worker or energy sensitive, the class is filled with powerful knowledge to assist you in your journey. Many finding taking this course service as a healing process in and of itself.
Each class will include a discussion and guided Reiki infused meditation specific to that chakra. The meditation is recorded separately form the class so you can listen to it on audio or video.
If you are unable to attend live you can watch the series on replay. You are more than welcome to email me questions! 
Note: This class as well as the manual have been updated completely since as of 3/20 
Every Tuesday July 7th- Aug 25th 7pm 
Class 1 is a little over 2 hours, Classes 2-8 for 75-90 min
Class 1: Overview of the Chakra
Class 2: Root Chakra
Class 3: Sacral Chakra
Class 4: Solar Chakra
Class 5: Heart Chakra
Class 6: Throat Chakra
Class 7: Third Eye Chakra
Class 8: Crown Chakra
Early Bird Special: $320 (PayPal or Venmo) Ends 6/30
Full Price:$360 (PayPal or Venmo)
(9 week payment plan available on auto pay only through PayPal)
Retaking the class:$175 (PayPal or Venmo)

 Please use the Subscribe Button below for the 8 week payment plan.

If this payment plan does not serve you at this time please message me.
To pay in full via PayPay click buy now.
To pay via Venmo use Danielle Bonfanti and referce the class




Pay in Full Option for both new and returning guests


Pay in Full



Working with Archangels and the Angelic Realm

9 Part Series

Hosted by Danielle Rae


Have you been wanting to become more knowledgeable and deepen your connection to the angels and archangels? Join Reiki Master and Angel Intuitive Danielle Rae for this 9 class series!

Class one will introduce you to the angelic realm and cover why, how, when and ways to heal with the Archangels. Classes 2-8 will focus on one archangel at a time followed by a guided meditation with that angel. Class 9 will cover a quick overview of a few more archangels worth mentioning and questions. All classes include a guided meditation.

The beauty of Zoom is that each class is recorded and the meditation is recorded separately so you can enjoy the audio or video on its own, anytime. You will have a library of 9 meditations!

Classes will include hand outs for reference.

Registration is required


Classes are Tuesday and Thursday June 2nd -June 30th at 7pm

Class 1: The Introduction 75-90 min

Class 2-8: Individual Archangels 60 min

Class 9: Wrapping it up 75-90 min



$270 pay in full

$300 10 week payment plan option

$244 pay in full and receive a discount because I have take the Intro to Angels 2 hour Workshop at the Studio


Pay in Full Option for both new and returning guests


Pay in Full



Energetic Shielding & Clearing 

Hosted by Danielle Rae

Saturday November 21st 10am-12pm Live Via Zoom 

$50 Investment

Includes recorded class to enjoy anytime!


Everything is and has energy! This class provides you with the basic knowledge to begin to understand energy, energetic alignment, and your role in keeping your vibration clear, protected and at a high level to attract your best life.  

If you keep attracting the same experiences, feel stuck, energetically drained, ill emotionally or physically or you are looking to clear old patterns or traumas, this class will empower you. You will learn how to easily protect your energy field and how to clear energetic cords to attachments, limiting beliefs, fears and emotional pains that no longer serve you. If you are an empath (energy-sensitive), knowing how to protect your energy and clear your vibrational field with cord cutting is life changing.

We will discuss easy methods such as using crystals, essential oils and working with the Angels. You will be guided through a Reiki infused guided Archangel Michael meditation designed to clear your vibration and release emotional cords that no longer serve you. This Archangel Michael meditation will help clear resistance to your highest calling and your ability to connect with your higher self and higher power.  The class is about 90 min followed by a guided Reiki infused meditation.  Everyone recieves Reiki energy healing during meditation.  This is such important knowledge it is now being offered as a prerecorded class, so you don’t have to wait to empower yourself with these tools.

To use paypal or credit card use the tab below. The name for Paypal is Yoga with Danielle Rae. If you would like to use Venmo please use Danielle Bonfanti reference class or class date.





Energy is Everything:

Power of Positivity, A High Vibration & Visualization

Hosted by Danielle Rae


$50 exchange includes recorded copy


Our energy or vibration reflects our life! What we are experiencing emotionally and physically in our daily experience is a direct reflection of our vibration. When we feel good mentally and physically, we are in a good place; our vibration is generally high, our thoughts are good and we are continuing to support the success of which we are experiencing. When our vibration is low we feel stuck, sick, tired, not aligned and likely we are attracting the same experiences that we don't want over and over again. 

Learn how to keep and align with a high vibration, understand how visualization works and how the thoughts we think and speak are creating our lives. You will learn to recognize how your belief system may be limiting or blocking whatever you are working towards. Learn tools including affirmations, visualization techniques and ways to shift your energy and vibration. 

You will be guided through a Reiki infused meditation and visualization exercise.



"Yesterday is history, tomorrow a mystery, today is a gift which is why we call it the present"

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